Workshops for the public

2019 we are happy to announce that we are adding two more workshops to Work in Progress. These two workshops are open for everyone who wishes to participate, but you have to sign up beforehand. Both workshops are free of charge.

Monday 8th of April, 15.30-18.30
Workshop: Work in Translation

A workshop for illustrators and authors, who want to explore the image/text relationship. The workshop will be led by illustrator Bernardo P. Carvalho and author Isabel Minhós Martins (Portugal), who have created many books together through the years, and also founded and are running the publishing house Planeta Tangerina in Portugal. In this workshop we will pair up one illustrator with one author who will work as a team during the workshop. Free of charge. Sign up by sending an e-mail to: Write "Work in Translation" as subject in the e-mail. Also state in the e-mail if you wish to participate as an illustrator or an author. In English. 

Wednesday 10th of April, 17.00-19.00
WIP Open

This is an illustration workshop for everyone who is an illustrator, or who is curious about trying out as an illustrator. The workshop will be led by illustrators Karin Cyrén and Siri Ahmed Backström. Free of charge. Sign up by sending an e-mail to: Write "WIP Open" as subject in the e-mail. In Swedish. 


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