This is Litteralund

Litteralund is Sweden's largest festival for children's and youth literature and a part of the Lund municipality's cultural activities. The next festival takes place 16th to 22nd of May 2021.

The mission is to create opportunities for children and young people to read, write and create in different ways. The focus of the festival is the written word, but it also includes art forms as theater, music, film and sometimes dance.

We also offer a program for schools in Lund.

Every other year, we organize a conference that is an important venue and meeting place for literary intermediaries, people working with children and their reading and writing, and the book industry itself. The next conference is in May 2021.

Background and development

The idea of ​​a book festival for children and young people in Lund, and to link to various art forms such as theater, music, dance and film, was born in 2005.

Since the beginning, more than 250 authors and illustrators have been participating in the festival, about 20,000 pupils in Lund have attended the program for schools and many, many more have visited our public programs.

Lunds kommun

Lund´s Municipality

Litteralund is part of the Municipality of Lund. 

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