Welcome to Litteralund!

We are the biggest festival for children´s and youth´s literature in Sweden.

Since the first festival in 2005 Litteralund has become an important arena for children´s literature in Sweden.

Litteralund´s main purpose is to put literature for children and youth in the limelight, and to encourage the love of reading and writing amongst children and youth.

The festival is aimed at teachers, librarians and other people working with children and youth (the conference), but also at the children and youth themselves.

Litteralund 2018

Next Litteralund Festival:  15-20 of April 2018. 


The idea to start a book festival for children and youth was born in 2005. Since the start more than 200 writers and illustrators have been part of the festival. Some 18.000 pupils in Lund have met with the writers and illustrators and taken part of workshops through school, and many more have visited the public programs during the festival.

To contact us


Kristina Wåhlin, project manager

+46 46 35 73 02